✉️ Double Tap

The macOS, iOS, and iPadOS betas are... good!

Okay, after much internal debate, I now have the latest builds of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS running on most of my machines. And I’m… happy? Happy to confirm that they all seem to be generally stable releases, yes. But more so, they’re also just good.

Sure, there aren’t a ton of new features for any of the releases. It’s more like new coats of paint for each (I include widgets in this category, as they existed before on iOS, they just look better now, and yes, you can put them anywhere) operating system. But they also just feel snappy and fresh. Again, even in the early beta stages. They’re nice. I enjoy using each of them more than I enjoyed using their predecessors.

I should caveat that yes, there are some bugs. Twitter in particular seems problematic on iOS/iPadOS. But these are minor nits. I just don’t want you to upgrade thinking these are fully polished. There’s some work to do, but they feel reasonably close.

By far my favorite feature of iOS is one I thought I might love: Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Back Tap. Basically, you can set actions which are triggered by double- tapping and/or triple-tapping the back of the iPhone. It’s brilliant. So brilliant that this feels like one of those things that is going to be a standard setting in future iOS releases. The options seem mildly limited, until you realize you can use Shortcuts with it as well to do basically anything.

Personally, I have double-tap set to ‘Speak Screen’ — an old “hack” of mine for reading on the move. And I have triple-tap set to Siri. Yeah, I’ll probably change this to Google Assistant, but I keep holding out hope that Siri will miraculously be better one of these days. See, I couldn’t be fully positive here.


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