✉️ Ramping Back

COVID on my mind, Safari 14 on my MacBook, iOS 14 not (yet) on my iPhone

If I’m being honest — and my intent with this newsletter is to be honest — my head isn’t in a great place at the moment as it sure seems like we’re right back into a state of surge with regard to COVID-19. The resurgence isn’t surprising — that was always going to happen as we opened things back up as the lockdown was not a cure, just an attempt to prolong the endgame. But we’re now seemingly ramping back full speed towards that endgame. Let’s just hope we bought the hospitals enough time (and relatedly, expertise) to deal with it in real time. Be safe out there. Wear a mask. 🦠😞😷

In an attempt to divert my mind elsewhere — I am writing this on Safari 14, the latest version of Apple’s browser for macOS. No, I didn’t download Big Sur yet, but you can get a “Technology Preview” of the new Safari here. It’s great and it can run alongside the stable version, just in case you still need it. But from what I can tell so far, you won’t need to. This Safari feels faster even with all the new features — to be fair, the extension porting from Chrome/Firefox hasn’t begun yet, and those could change the equation, one presumes. The favicons everywhere — not just in pinned tabs — is most welcomed. As is the new tab screen. So far, color me impressed. 💻🧭😋

And no, I have not yet installed iOS 14 either. Mainly because I’m on the road away from backup devices, so I’m not quite ballsy enough to make the leap on my main device. That said, all indications are that it’s super stable — maybe the most stable a first beta has ever been, it seems. Anyway, I’m proud of myself for not giving in so far. We’ll check back next week. 🆕📲😉


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