Nintendo + Lego, Peas + Carrots

Lego’s new Super Mario set sounds brilliant, per Chaim Gartenberg at The Verge:

Bop Lego Mario on top of a Goomba, and the game will reward you with a coin. Walk over red bricks, and Mario will read it as lava and react accordingly. (Green bricks are grass, blue is water, and yellow is sand.) And of course, there are the more interactive elements: moving platforms, villain-based set pieces, and collectable items, all of which add to the experience.

They also apparently literally sound brilliant:

And, as one would expect for a Nintendo / Lego collaboration, the attention to detail is excellent. All the Lego-ized Mario characters and elements are frankly adorable, and it’s easy to imagine that some fans will just collect the sets for the aesthetics alone. The interactive elements are also top notch — jump on a Goomba or collect a mushroom, and the iconic sound effects are just as they are in the video games. Jump on a spinning platform, and more dramatic Mario music plays. Even the simple act of walking along with the Mario figure has sound effects (and will reward players with coins for more “accurate” walking motions).

I would have killed for this as a kid. I keep holding out hope that Apple buys Nintendo one day, but what if Nintendo pulls a jujitsu move and acquires Lego? I’m sure there are a dozen reasons why this isn’t possible (cultural, etc), but how fun would that be? Perhaps more plausible: what if Disney buys both?