What is Tot and do you have a link to it?

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Re "don’t sleep on voice coming back around again". I was thinking along similar lines. But now believe the choice of voice over text circa 2015 was a terrible UX decision. Why? Because you've taken one extremely difficult problem (NLP with a computer) and layered on a second separate but also extremely difficult problem (converting speech to text and back). And when people talk, they are less formal and exact. There's emotional nuance in verbal speech that's lost on a computer.

Sticking with text eliminates one of these two difficult problems, plus makes people formalize their thoughts more clearly and concisely. It's just far more tractable.

There's lots of talk about moving from a text based society to a verbal and visual one. This is true. But it's also true that text is just better and easier for tech to solve. Twitter is easier for an AI to grok than TikTok. What's interesting about this is we're about to have a renaissance in text as UI. A final interregnum of text supremacy before computers finally master video/verbal interaction.

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